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Series Introduction: Homemaking--It's a Real Job!

Homemaking Real Job Front Porch
Image by ktylerconk

Homemaker. SAHM. Home manager. Housewife.

Would you use one of those words to describe yourself? If so, I hope this coming series will be particularly encouraging to you. For the next several Mondays, I'll be writing a series called Homemaking: It's a Real Job! Being a homemaker is indeed a real job, and as homemakers there are a couple of things I think we need to keep in mind.

1. Good home management and/or homemaking takes concentrated effort, skill and dedication.
Like any worker, we can be sloppy and mediocre whose efforts (or lack thereof!) yield little to no results. Ask me how I know. Or, we can truly apply our energies and mental capacities to a role that can give amazing and beautiful results. It's a choice we make--it doesn't happen by accident. You're not born a good home manager any more than you're born a good architect, mechanic, or zoologist.

2. Being a homemaker is an incredibly valuable "profession".
When we decide to take our roles as homemakers seriously; when we apply true energy and effort to this role, the value of what we're doing cannot be understated. However, think of a profession that has traditionally been thought of as a noble and valuable one--that of a doctor. We wouldn't think he was still doing something valuable or noble if he was untrained, sloppy, had a terrible bedside manner, and whose disorganization created mix-ups resulting in tragic consequences. In fact, we probably wouldn't even call him a real doctor!

Home management and homemaking are only valuable and noble if you're really home managing and home making. If you're doing what I was doing, well. . .maybe you're not really a homemaker. Wow. Harsh words? Maybe a little, but I know I wasn't one--and I sure needed a kick in the pants!

My desire for this series is two-fold. Mostly, I hope it encourages you! I want you to hold your head high and never hesitate to answer the question, "So, what do you do?" Even if the rest of the world never recognizes the incredible value of real homemakers, I want you to be utterly convinced of your value in that role.

Secondly, I hope it does challenge you, if that's what you need. Girl, I so needed somebody to challenge me! Ultimately, the Lord was the one who gave me the wake up call I needed. And, boy howdy, did I need one! Please remember that these words aren't written by someone who's got this thing all together. The thought makes me want to roar with laughter. Nope. I'm still very much on the journey.

So, please--I'd be so honored if you'd join me as we explore this thing together. Meet me here each Monday for Homemaking: It's a Real Job!


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Too bad our government doesn't look at it that way. I feel homemakers are so swept under the rug. I just saw on Fox how they are offering all these scholoarships now to moms who work and have a family and want to go back to school----what about their babies. Why is it so respectable and congratulated that a mom leaves her kids to go pursue a degree and work rather than be with her children. Really, really sad. We need to be a more supportive country when it comes to those who care for our future generations...instead they are pushed off into overcrowded centers with teens traising them in troves. But hey---mom is not JUST working at home---she is pursueing something that is looked at as better. So So sad.

Even if a woman does not have a child caring, caring for the home should be more respected. Why is it the maid that is being paid looks like she is working, but a wife who does not "work" outside the home is not. Can you tell this topic really sets me off :)

Malory Rebekah said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog, and am very excited for this series! What perfect timing! I'm really trying to learn to love (or atleast like) being a homemaker and to be great at it. Your post on "would you fire you" really spoke to me, I would totally fire me!

So, thanks! and I'm looking forward to next Monday!

Jennifer V said...

I read something recently (Where?!? I can't recall right now) that talked about how if you are a housekeeper, daycare worker, taxi driver, a chef, teacher etc. that the world applauds you - as long as you aren't doing these things in your own home for your own family.

I thought that was a great point.

I'm looking forward to following along in your series!

Brianna @ Heart(h) Management said...

Girls, I couldn't agree more that the world doesn't applaud homemaking. Which is why it's so important for me to have the mind of Christ--what does the LORD say about it? I'm never going to be able to change the world's point of view about the value of what I'm doing, but I CAN change my own point of view.

Erin said...

Oooh, Brianna! I'm so excited that you'll be starting this series! I'm very much looking forward to the encouragement and reproof the Lord will provide through it :-)

Suzanne said...

I am definitely looking forward to reading this series!

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