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He Is at Rizzim!

He is risen indeed!
Image by fdecomite

Last Easter, my oldest son Caden was three. We have always talked quite a bit in our home about the things of the Lord and of His Word. Regular toddler Bible readings, speaking about our Lord in the every day, praying about big and little things.

Caden was just starting to grasp some spiritual truths, and it was extra exciting when he would tell us something he had learned somewhere else--like his Sunday School class. It amazed me how much such a little one could retain from a short lesson for preschoolers.

Around Easter, we talked a LOT about Jesus' death. Caden had many questions about why Jesus died, how he died, etc. It certainly made me look at the story of the crucifixion through fresh eyes. I could see his sadness and horror at the truth of it, and that impacted me. It's so easy to let years of the "same old" story dull the poignant truth.

We also talked about how Jesus didn't stay dead. No, indeed! That he came alive again and is alive still! One day in the car, we were reviewing these truths as Caden asked more questions.

"Did Jesus die?"

"Yes, baby, he did die."

"Why did he die?"

"Because he loved us so much, and he wanted to die for us so that we wouldn't have to."

"Oh. Yeah."

"But he didn't stay dead--did he, Caden?"


"So, where is Jesus now, baby?"


"OH! Oh, he is at Rizzim!"

Praise you, Lord! You are risen!

He is risen indeed!

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shopannies said...

too precious you are doing a great job by teaching him so early

Snow White said...

what a blessing to hear those words from your son... and what a blessing it is to have that gift!

Amanda @ Mommy's Idea Book said...

Brianna, that is such a great story. You will remember that conversation forever.

You're right, it is amazing how much a child can learn and remember. I think many times we underestimate a child's ability to learn and understand.

Last Wednesday on our way home from church my 5 year old son told us the whole story from Jesus' beating and death to the resurrection. We were surprised at just how much he did comprehend and remember.

Relishing Life said...

I love this! We are having the same discussions with our 4 yo son. It is hard to get past the sad part with him, but he is starting to understand better.

LaVonne said...

Just stopping by from Gratituesday. That is so sweet. I cannot wait for my princess to say things like this. :) Keep it up mommy!

Stop by my blog anytime!

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