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My Sweet Little Levi


Two years ago this past Saturday, a sweet little man named Levi joined our family. After a month of false labor starts and stops, he finally came into the world. We hadn't chosen a name beforehand, but the name Levi seemed especially appropriate after his seeming hesitance to leave the womb and join the world. You see, Levi means "attached". And attached he was.


Levi was a pretty contented baby until he developed an intolerance to dairy--even while I was nursing him. He also had a rough go with the first doctor who treated his clubfeet--incorrect castings left him in pain. Once we figured out these issues, we had our sweet Levi once again.


For the past two years, our little Levi has been the source of much laughter and delight. He loves to make us smile and laugh. He affectionately doles out kisses and hugs. He likes to show off with cries of, "Watch dis, Mama, watch dis!" This exclamation is usually followed by some crazy move that makes my heart jump into my throat.


He wants to do everything just like his big brother. Climb as high, run as fast, and so on.

He likes to pray. We have to hold hands when we pray. And he repeats our words in his little baby voice.


He's a bit dramatic. He makes lots of hand motions and faces when he talks. And he talks quite a bit. (Wonder where he gets that from?)

He loves his daddy. And he loves his "Taden". And I'm pretty sure he loves his mama, too. In short, Levi is a boy bursting with love. And I just love him to pieces back.


Today I'm so thankful that the Lord has given Keith and I the privilege and delight of being Levi's mama and daddy. What an amazing gift he is. May we be faithful, Lord, to teach him and love him as you would have us do!

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Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

He is beautiful!! Praise the Lord for our littles!

A happy heart at home said...

I agree - he is beautiful! You are blessed!


Erin said...

Awww!! Happy Birthday sweet Levi!!!

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