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Sit and Sip Saturday Links

Sit and Sip Saturday Links
Image by *spudballoo*

This past week has truly been a week of evaluation. I'll be sharing more about that on Monday. In short, I did the performance review I talked about, and it was both painful and encouraging--as I predicted it would be. The links below reflect that I've been spending much less time online (which is a good thing).

The first links here from the GirlTalk blog aren't from this week, but they are some of the best posts I've ever read about the importance of the job of raising our children. So, I'm posting these again, because they've been very encouraging to me as I've pored over them again this week. Please, please read them if you haven't before!

Nurturing Your Children
Pay Attention series (part 1, part 2 and part 3) @ GirlTalk
A Mother's Responsibility, Love pt.2 @ Journey to a Gracious Woman

Organizing Your Domain
Organizing Your Vehicle @ I'm An Organizing Junkie
Simple Solutions for Stain Removal @ Simple Kids
13 Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen @ Mommy's Idea Book
Household Shortcuts and Handy Hints @ Serene Journey
How to Form a Habit @ Holy Experience
Making Summer Plans: A Step-by-Step Guide @ Organizing Your Way
50 Ways to Streamline Your Life, Part Six @ Life as Mom


Megan at Simple Kids said...

Wow! That series at Girl Talk was powerful and convicting. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Fantastic collection of helpful links here! Thanks for mentioning Simple Kids - I'm honored to have been included in with such great company.

Off to think on that mothering series a bit more . . .

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