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If ya wanna...


I miss blogging! And I've decided to take up my pen again on a much more informal basis. I'm writing more personally and casually at Little Bits. I've been reading some good things about how to blog well (read: without it taking over my life), and I'd like to honor God with my voice even if it's in a tiny way. Here's a post about three reasons I want to blog again.

I'd be honored if you'd like to follow me there.

My posts won't be flashy, completely polished, or even necessarily consistent. But it will be me sharing my heart--and if you'd like to come along, I'd be so happy to have you!

If you blog and you want to make your time really mean something, I recommend these resources:

E-book Blogger Behave by Laura Booz @ Ten Million Miles
Article Time for Blogging by Joy Forney @ Gracefull Mama
Series Social Media Behave @ Like a Warm Cup of Coffee by Laura Booz (This links to only one of the articles, but it happens to be my favorite.)
Finally, here's an e-book that I'd like to purchase soon and have heard rave reviews about: Simple Blogging by Rachel Meeks @ Small Notebook

I hope to see some of you at Little Bits!


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