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A great giveaway I wanted you to know about!

I've been posting this week about managing time from an eternal perspective--so how great did I think it was when a new blogging friend told me about a giveaway she's hosting for a planner that has that same focus?

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling is hosting a giveaway today for a Graceworks Planner. Here's their tagline:

GraceWorks: Purpose Planners. . .Where Beauty and Order Meet. ( Love it!)

And this is a line from their homepage:

"Do you struggle keeping up with your housework? Are you looking for a complete system that will walk you through each day? Try the Beautiful Life Management System, for practical help with a focus on eternity. "

OK, I'm in love.

All you have to do is visit Jenn over at Beautiful Calling and follow the very simple instructions. Can I ask that you get to know Jenn a little bit while you're there? Poke around a bit after you enter. She has a desire to encourage and inspire other women to live their lives to the glory of God and her blog reflects that.



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