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Sit and Sip Saturday Links

Cedar Wax Wing
Image by chefranden

I love birds. They display God's glory to me through the beauty of their song and appearance. A mug of something warm in my hand, birdsong floating through the window, and some good reading material--that's my idea of a lovely morning.

Here's my favorite finds that landed in my reader this week:

Serving Our Savior
The Gospel for Busy Moms from GirlTalk
Gospel Food from GirlTalk

Loving Your Husband
Prize Your Husband from GirlTalk
Changing My Husband: Whose Job Is It? from Homemaker's Cottage

Nurturing Your Children
When a Latte Just Won't Cut It: Mama Burn-out from Barefoot Mama

Stewarding Your Finances
Mind Over Money from LifeasMOM
Buying a Newer Car with Cash from The Happy Housewife

Feeding Your Family
Garlicky White Bean Soup with Dark Greens from The Nourishing Gourmet

For Our Women Hearts
Modest Fashion Week from The Stay-At-Home-Missionary
Finding Balance: Creating Space for Solitude from Simple Mom

Creative Inspiration for Your Sanctuary and Life
oh-so-many-hats from Soule Mama
How to Make Wall Art with Vintage Fabric and Buttons from CraftStylish


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Love your title to this post....I am so sipping my hot morning tea! Thanks for the links. Oh, since you liked FIAR stuff,...check out my son's funny video on learning about taste buds--the ending is quite funny.

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