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I'm On Vacation!

Image by drusbi

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Do you have something special planned for the day?

As for me and my family, we're on vacation! Woohoo! No, we haven't actually gone anywhere, but it's my plan to make this staycation truly fun, restful, and special for us. So, that means a serious decline in my online time. We can all use some downtime and unplugged time now and again, don't you think? And if this isn't the perfect opportunity, I don't know when is!

So, I won't be around much this week, but I have a couple of posts scheduled that I hope you'll enjoy.

What about you? Maybe today would be a good day to unplug from the techno world and plug into your family more. Whatever you do, I pray that God will bless your day and your week!


Anna said...

Here in Quebec, they don't celebrate Memorial Day, so it is life as usual for us. We are going to have a small cook-out tonight though. As the weather has begun to get warmer, I find myself spending less time online because I am outside with the kids more.

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