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Unplugged and Plugged In!

Image by functoruser

So, in case you missed yesterday's post and the post from last Friday--I'm on vacation, people!


I'm actually writing this post ahead of time--because this week, I'm going more (to be honest, not totally) unplugged than I usually am.

I'm completely and totally grateful today for some much needed time with my family. By God's grace, today we're chilling, laughing, and enjoying each other. By God's grace, I'm not Facebooking, Tweeting, blogging, or surfing.

Today I'm so thankful for the opportunity to plug into my family more and plug into the rest of the world a little less!

For more thankful thoughts, please visit Heavenly Homemakers.



Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

I am glad that you're on vacation. Here's a little note for when you come back....I miss you!

Sarah said...

Have a great vacation! Be blessed and rested!

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