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Sit and Sip Saturday Links

Sit and Sip Saturday Links 5-2-09
Image by ktylerconk

Hokey Smokey! OK, I've got a TON of links here today! Wowzers. There was so much good stuff that came my way and I couldn't decide which of these not to include. So, you decide what you wanna read!

Feeding Your Family
Healthy Homemaking: Homemade Condiments @ Keeper of the Home
Dark chocolate pudding, from scratch @ Tammy's Recipes
Mmm...Handmade Corn Tortillas @ Beautiful Calling
It's Hot Outside--Ya'll Need Some Sweet Tea! @ Life a warm cup of coffee

Organization and Productivity
Tips for Family Vacation Planning, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 @ Mommy's Idea Book
Spring Clean: How to Put the Voom Back in Your Vacuum @ Small Notebook
7 Tips For Cleaning Your Kitchen As You Go @ Serene Journey

Healthy and Green Living
Concerned About the Swine Flu? Do Your Research & Boost Your Immune System @ Nourishing Days
7 Immune Boosters in Light of the Swine Flu @ The Nourishing Gourmet
Eczema: Solving the Underlying Causes, Part 1 @ Keeper of the Home
Natural Stain Remover & Cleaning Agent: Hydrogen Peroxide @ Passionate Homemaking

Loving Your Husband
On Marriage: How to Win a Fight @ Journey to a Gracious Woman
One Way to Increase Passion In Marriage--Live Simply @ Simple Mom

Creating a Sanctuary
Setting the Tone of Your Home @ We Are THAT Family
Tablescapes: Budget Table Settings That Look Expensive @ Homemaker Barbie
Craigslist Savvy: How to Buy and Sell to Decorate Your Home @ Small Notebook

8 Ways To Share Your Opinion Effectively @ Like a warm cup of coffee
Ways to Encourage Our Children to Love Each Other @ The Happy Housewife

Mother's Day!
Playday Thursday: Homemade Mother's Day Gifts @ Mommy's Idea Notebook
How to Make a Beginner's Lace Sachet Bag @ CraftStylish
Simple Mother's Day Non-Gift Ideas @ Serene Journey


Sherri (Serene Journey) said...

Hi Brianna,

Thanks so much for linking to a couple of our posts! You have a great round up of articles here I can't wait to have a look. Hope you're having a great weekend!


Lynn said...

This is my first time visiting. It looks like you have tons of great stuff here! I can so relate to what you share in your "about me" section -- I'm also naturally disorganized (I prefer to call it "creative" ;) ) but the Lord has graciously been working in me for a long time, helping me to see the wisdom in getting better at planning. Something about having kids that does that to a woman! Anyway, thanks for your blog, and I look forward to getting to know you better and learning even more :)

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