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The Wonder of Water

The Wonders of Water
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Would you like to save some money and get healthier all at the same time?

Well, I've got another infomercial worthy secret.

Again, I'd charge for this information, but I'm such a generous person. Well, actually, if you've been reading recently, you know that I'm not.

OK, OK. The truth is that what I'm about to tell you is just plain common sense. But, then again, sometimes we have trouble seeing the obvious, don't we?

So, here it is:

If you want to save money and be healthier...use more water.

Now, I'm not talking about water use in the shower or on your grass outside. No, that kind of water usage is sure to cost you more. Clearly. (Just pointing this out to those of us who have trouble using the aforementioned common sense.)

But. What would happen if you stopped drinking so much juice, tea, coffee, or soda...and drank water instead? Hmmm?

Well, I bet you'd save a bit of cash, don't you? Actually, if you look at your last grocery receipt, how much did you pay for drinkable items? Now, I'm not saying you should cut out every single cup of coffee or juice, but you could probably cut it down considerably without feeling deprived. Or maybe you could do it slowly. Cut it down bit by bit until you're drinking mostly water.

On top of the savings, think of how much better off your body will be without all that yucky high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, calories, etc! But not only will your body not have to deal with that junk, it will benefit from the extra water--here's a list of ten great reasons to drink more water.

Additionally, I've found (after having to be on a dairy-free diet for a while) that there were some recipes for which I could substitute water for milk (pancakes, muffins, coffee cake, etc.) If you were going to try this, I'd recommend substituting only part of the milk to begin with. Sometimes you really do need the milk to make a recipe "work".

And there you have it, folks. Just so you know, I'll be mad if you take my generously offered secret information and sell it on late night TV. I know you were thinking about it.

For more money saving tips, please visit Frugal Friday at LifeasMOM!


Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Since 2006, all I drink is water (and lots of it!) I have a small glass of juice at breakfast but other than that - it is water. 2005 I got pregnant and then I've either been pregnant or nursing someone since then LOL.

My husband laughs because no matter where we go, have a big bottle of water that I keep refilling from my fridge. But you know that has saved us a ton of money by never having to purchase a drink anywhere!

dailyhalfdozen said...

Well timed. Isn't that always the way God works? This is something I've been contemplating lately. More for he health aspects than the cash, but having a second motive is always handy.

Organized Nutrition said...

OH, so true...
we do not drink anything but water and milk.... NO TEA, NO COFFEE, NO OTHER... sometimes we get 100% juice, but really that is SOMETIMES... and mostly for when we have people over... so funny how we all want to make sure our guests don't feel DEPRIVED...LOL!

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