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Connect with Colleagues: It's a REAL Job! Series # 11

Confer with Colleagues
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If you're a homemaker, it can be easy to feel alone and isolated. No doubt, the work of home management and loving our families can be tough. Generally, a woman who is at home with her children and sees her position as home manager as a REAL job is a rarity these days.

The truth, however, is that you are not alone. There are indeed other women out there whose hearts are first and foremost with their families and homes--who strongly desire to live out the message of Titus 2 and Proverbs 31.

I'm here to say today that I highly recommend connecting with these "colleagues".


1. Fellowship
Women are made for friendship--in a way that is different from men. All humans are uniquely designed for relationship, but the friendships of women are special. We find great comfort and strength in our women friendships. Women can be tied together as sisters even though they didn't grow up in the same family.

2. Encouragement
As women, and definitely as homemakers, we need the encouragement of another woman who understands what we're going through. How many times have you been picked up by the compassion and care of a woman friend who spoke words of encouragement to you in a moment of need?

3. Motivation and challenge
We all go through times when we feel unmotivated. And we all go through times when we need someone to gently, but firmly point us toward truth and give us a push in the right direction. A friend who can do this is the dearest kind of friend of all. And someday, she'll probably need you to help her in the same way.

4. Accountability
When we set new goals, it makes a big difference to have someone to share those with and hold us accountable. Having someone who will "keep tabs" on you in a certain area is such a blessing.

5. Learning new things
Isn't it wonderful how God made each of us so unique? One of the beautiful things about relationships is that each person brings particular strengths to the table. I have friends who are naturally organized. I can learn a lot from someone like that. I also have friends whose gifts lie in their patience and wisdom with their children. I can also learn a lot from someone like that! You have something to offer to other women as well!


1. Someone who is in the trenches with you
A woman who is in the same season of life, can definitely be a source of encouragement. She knows exactly what you're talking about when you discuss the difficulties of training your children, balancing housework, and loving your husband. There are probably more women than you realize who are right where you are struggling to honor the Lord as wives, mothers, and homemakers.

2. Someone who has walked the path before you
Women who have "been there, done that" are such valuable resources! Titus 2 specifically points out that they are to be one of our main sources of "training" for our job. Not only can they offer encouragement, wisdom, knowledge and perspective, but they have lived to tell about it! Now, that says something, don't you think?


1. Have some fun!
Friendships can be a wonderful way to relax, let down our hair, and just unwind. Sometimes it does us a world of good to simply have a chat and a cup of coffee with a good friend.

2. Pray for one another
Be intentional about praying for the needs in each other's lives. Pray for your marriages, for your children, for the struggles in your walk with Christ, and for your development and role as a home manager.

3. Spur each other on
Ask questions. Sometimes ask tough questions. As you dig deeper into each other's lives, it is appropriate to challenge each other and hold each other accountable like I mentioned earlier. Although not all of your friendships will have the same depth, I think we each need at least one friend who is willing to "dredge the deeps" of our hearts with us.


Maybe you're thinking, "Well, maybe you've been blessed with a wealth of these kind of women around you, but not me. I really am very alone."

You know what? God knows just what you need. He's made it clear in His Word, that His intention is for us to live as a body. To live in community with other believers as we encourage and spur one another on to good deeds. For older women to teach younger women.

So. I think I can boldly assert that we can ask God confidently to provide for our need for relationships with other godly women who will provide us with the training, encouragement and challenge we need as wives, mothers and homemakers.

I challenge you today--ask God to provide for this need. I'd love to know what He does for you in your life in this respect!


Audra said...

This is so true! I'm going to begin to pray to connect and make these kind of relationships with like-minded women!

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