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Sit and Sip Saturday Links

Sit and Sip Saturday Links
Image by @rhettmaxwell

I am tired. Whew. This week has been tough. The first full week of focusing on new priorities. Or newly focused priorities. Parenting is hard work. Nuff said. For now anyway.

And my poor brain is getting foggier and foggier it feels! I'm officially 36 weeks pregnant and I feel like I just can't think straight. It would be funny, if it weren't so frustrating. I'm a wee bit stressed about the things I'd like to have done before little Alec arrives, the chance of those things actually getting done getting smaller, and my inability to pull it together and think straight, for crying out loud! Ahem.

Thank the Lord for His new mercies every morning. I'm definitely in crisis mode here--and to be honest, today I've not been following my own advice well at all. Whew. Again. I'm so glad for fresh starts!

Here are some goodies from my reader this week--though I haven't been doing much reading. And I'm not convinced that what I've read has really made it past my corneas into my brain. See above.

But maybe for those of you who aren't 36 weeks pregnant, this stuff will stick with ya better.

Organizing Your Domain
50 Ways to Streamline Your Life @ Life as MOM
How to Make It Easy for Someone to Watch Your Kids @ The Happy Housewife

Health and Nutrition
Watch Out for These Health Busters @ Simple Mom

Father's Day!!
Ideas for Father's Day @ GirlTalk

Nurturing Your Children
The List--Children's Literature We Love @ Simple Kids
I've found great encouragement and stuff to think about in the series that Christin at Journey to a Gracious Woman and Sarah Mae at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee have been writing. They've been writing about discipling and training our children--a subject pretty heavy on my mind of late. Check it out by visiting their blogs and poking around. There are several posts.

Stewarding the Finances
100 Different Ways to Save $100 This Year @ Money Saving Mom
A Surefire Way to Get Rich Quick @ Simple Mom (OK, this doesn't really fit here, but...I wasn't sure where to put it, OK?)

Enjoy, ladies, and have a wonderful, restful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Briana for your honesty. Have patience with yourself right now. You deserve it. You and Keith's desire to live for God has been so encouraging to me through the years. Thanks again for all encouraging words in this blog.

Oh, I hope you can rest a little during these last couple of weeks of pregnancy.


Brianna @ Heart(h) Management said...

You're so sweet, Cynthia. Thank YOU for your encouragement.

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