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Wear that baby, baby!

Home management is challenging, but it's especially challenging when you have little ones. It's especially, especially challenging when your little one is fussy because he's teething. It's especially, especially, especially (oh, brother) challenging when your little one is fussy because he's teething and he is also trying to crawl inside the dishwasher as you are loading it.

Enter (playing circus music in the background here). . .the Ergo Baby Carrier! No doubt about it, this is one of my "can't do without" tools for mothering and home management.

There are certainly other carriers out there, but I've found my Ergo to be very comfortable--so much so, that I can wear Levi for hours at a time. I have even worn Caden a time or two recently, and he is three and weighs more than thirty pounds! You can't do that with a Snuggly. Here's a quote from the Ergo site:

The ERGObaby carrier’s ergonomic design supports a correct sitting position for the baby’s hip, pelvis and spine growth. It disperses most of the baby’s weight between the hips and thighs and helps prevent compression of the spine. The ERGObaby carrier also alleviates physical stress for the parent by balancing the baby’s weight to parents’ hips and shoulders.
I can do practically anything when I'm wearing Levi. I can vacuum, wash dishes, and play outside with Caden. It took some practice (and overcoming a little fear) to figure out how to get him on my back, but now it's second nature to toss him back there. He "rides" when we go to the library (how else do you wrangle the three year old and the seven thousand books you just checked out?), the grocery store, church dinners, doctor's appointments, the bank. . .you name it!

I'm a pretty frugal person and the Ergo isn't cheap by any means. New, an Ergo Baby Carrier will cost you almost one hundred dollars. However, you can find them used at places like Ebay or TheBabyWearer for less and I really do feel that it is worth the investment.

Baby wearing has several benefits, but one of the best things I've discovered about it is that it keeps my heart connected to the needs of my children. I have a tendency to be task oriented and to become frustrated with my "needy" children for "interrupting" me. Wearing a fussy, tired little one while I accomplish the work for the day keeps my heart in tune with them. With the use of this tool, I can choose to bring them in close and nurture them instead of shutting them out or treating them as a distraction--all while still completing some needed tasks.

All in all, I love my Ergo and highly recommend it.


World's Greatest Mommy said...

Love your header and your blog name! Super cute!

I could not have survived having a 5th baby to care for without my carrier. My toddler still sometimes snuggles against my back as though she were strapped on.

anya* said...

I found you from WFMW, and let me tell you, I totally 2nd everything you said! I love, love, love my Ergo, and seriously the only way I make dinner or grocery shop. I have 3 kids under 4, and it has been the best investment ever. I don't know what I did without it:)

seasonal_learner said...

I have a friend that suggested this carrier. She used a sling for her first one and has this one with the second one. I think I might have to make the investment for the 2nd one. The sling was really hot last summer with peeps.

alicia said...

I totally agree! I used a sling for my first three - part of the time. It was such a hassle and I never could get go hands free.

Before I got pregnant with my youngest (Emma, now 6 months) I saw a write-up about the Ergo in Above Rubies magazine. I really, really wanted one!

I bought the Ergo when Emma was about 2 months old and I fell in love with it the first day! Totally hands free!

I would highly recommend an Ergo baby carrier to everyone!

Kristin said...

I love my sling. I NEVER go out without putting my 4-month-old in the sling...and my 32 pound toddler has perched in it a time or two while I've cooked dinner!

Enjoyed browsing you blog...come see me!

Suzanne said...

I love my Ergo! It was worth every penny. I still use it some for my 2 year old. She practically lived in it as a baby.

Brianna @ Heart(h) Management said...
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Anonymous said...

OK, Brianna! You are really working at giving me "baby fever"!! I wanna try out the Ergo! I used a sling with John Andrew and the girls.

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