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Creating Memories with Traditions

Living Lovely Yearly Traditions
Image by luchilu

Just a little while ago, I shared my job description with you. One of the lines of my job description reads: "To build a home that is a sanctuary for my family that reflects God's eternal characteristics of order, beauty, peace, love, harmony, diligence and faithfulness." I'd like to point out that when I think of home, I don't necessarily think so much of a specific geographic location, as a place in our hearts and minds.

Home. Connected to the relationships of our family. A "place" of rest, beauty, discovery.

When it comes to inspiration to fill one's life and family with a sense of beauty, Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles has it going on. If you've never been over to her place, hop on over to visit and be prepared to get inspired! Her blog is filled with beautiful photography (she's awesome!), wonderful literature, and beautiful home decorating. She's started a new weekly meme called Living Lovely with Family. The purpose is to be a gathering place for "ideas for making meaningful connections and memories with our families". The theme this week is yearly traditions.

I've only recently started thinking about the importance of my role as a memory builder. But I had decided to intentionally pursue regular yearly traditions to build memories for our family. So, I was excited when I saw Heidi's idea, and am thrilled to participate as well as gather ideas from other bloggers.

Our yearly traditions fit pretty well with the seasons. Some of these traditions are newly formed (read: we've only done them once so far!), but the plan is to do them annually now.

In the spring, our town has a month long festival to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Yes. A whole month long! So, every year since I first met Keith, I've participated in the festivities here. The activities are endless, but we usually participate in the pancake supper, the parade, and the arts and crafts show. This year I got burnt to a crisp at the parade. Memorable indeed.


In the summer, you'll find us trying to take at least one trip to the beach--even if it's just a day trip. We only live a couple of hours from the beach, which is so wonderful. Waves. Sea shells. Sand in your swimsuit. Me getting burnt to a crisp. We love the beach!


Fall brings the state fair. (This is one of our newest traditions.) Oh, how we loved the state fair! A petting zoo, beautiful exhibits, a picnic, and Caden's first ride with Daddy. And me NOT getting burnt to a crisp. Instead, I froze my little tail off, and had to buy a ridiculously expensive sweatshirt from a vendor. I do seem to have weather problems, don't I?


Winter time. When it gets to be winter here in Georgia, I really, really miss the snow--especially for my boys' sake. I wish we could build memories sledding, making snowmen, and trekking through a snowy wood to find the perfect Christmas tree. Instead, we have another new tradition. We go to see a private home that is decorated with over a million Christmas lights! Entry is free--this family does this each year simply to bless their community with a bit of beauty. Plus, I didn't get burnt and I was dressed appropriately! Bingo. (I have to get it right sometimes.)


What are some of your favorite yearly traditions?


Heidi said...

I absolutely *love* that line from your job description. Well said!! Thank you so much for your contribution to this week's Living Lovely with Family. Glad to have you join in!!

Lora said...

Great traditions & memories! Our family's special times revolve around the seasons, too.

P.S. I loved your job description!

Mominin said...

Great traditions! Looks like you have lots of fun together as a family!

Brianna @ Heart(h) Management said...

Thank you, Heidi, for "having" me!

SmallWorld at Home said...

Very lovely indeed! Building memories through traditions is the way to go!

Heidi said...

Just me, again. :) I've been having fun browsing through your site a little! So we both have (or will have) 3 little boys (including a Levi), and come from a family of 3 sisters. (Did you have brothers, too? Or more sisters?) What years were you homeschooled? My mom schooled me my junior year, but I attended public and private schools every other year. Are you planning on homeschooling your boys? Or do you have other educations plans? Golly, I'm full of questions! It is nice to meet you, Brianna!

Brianna @ Heart(h) Management said...

Hi, Heidi! I do have two brothers as well--family of five kids. I was homeschooled from junior high through highschool graduation. Before that, I attended a public school and a couple of years of private school.

Yes, I am planning to homeschool my boys. I'm excited about the ideas of Charlotte Mason especially and want to read through the first book in her series this year: Home Education.

I find your blog to be so inspirational--I love seeing your boys reading and imagining and playing outside. That's the kind of life I want for my own boys. :)

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