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Sit and Sip Saturday Links

Sit and Sip Saturday Links 4--
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I'm especially looking forward to the next week of giveaways over at Laura's blog! How fun! I'm still trying to think of something to give away. Hmmmm. Anyone up for a teething toddler? Completely kidding. I think.

Mother's Day Giveaways @ 5 Minutes for Mom
Springtime Giveaway Carnival @ Heavenly Homemakers
The Overdue Apron Giveaway @ Beautiful Calling

Organizing Your Domain
50 Ways to Streamline Your Life, Part 3 @ LifeasMOM
Are You a Multi-Tasking Mom? @ The Happy Housewife
10 Ways to Get Motivated @ Organizing Your Way

Simplifying Your Life
Great Gifts for Kids That Don't Involve "Stuff" @ Small Notebook
Keep the Kids Busy Without Television @ The Happy Housewife

Healthy and Natural Living
Benefits of Lacto-Fermentation @ The Nourishing Gourmet
A New Non-Dairy Milk Alternative: Hemp Milk @ Passionate Homemaking
Healthy Homemaking: Naturally Female @ Keeper of the Home
E-book Release--Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time @ Keeper of the Home

Stewarding Your Finances
Ultimate Recipe Swap: Meatless Main Dishes @ LifeasMOM
The Emotional Benefits to Becoming Debt-Free @ Simple Mom
Town Hall for Hope Recap: Change Begins With Me @ Money Saving Mom


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